Mar 2004 

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March on.

Love is like a pair of broken in shoes or broken in jeans, and that's what i miss. they feel awkward at first, but then they get broken in. when it's broken in and comfortable, you know each other, and are relaxed. that's the best part. don't buy shoes that don't fit. treat them well. make sure they're strong. look at the nicks and scuffs as time goes on. those are tails and stories that break them in and build their comfort. tighten the laces, loosen the laces, re-tie the laces, and take time to admire what is there.

Happy life everyone.

Hot sauce.

What makes it valuable is that it's self taught, even the happiness is, why hate when you can love.

If life was never hard we would always be soft.

I'm not cool, i'm not hot, i'm just boring ol' luke warm.

Life is gooood, right? well so what. life is horrid, life is wretchid, life is painful, sinful, and most hateful of all.

In the end, if I can't live up to myself, then who will I ever live up to?

The lack of snowboarding is like a year without sunshine.

To ping or to pong.

If you're not falling, you're not trying hard enough.

Weekly rewards doesn't cure daily stress.

Choco milk mends aching snowboard hearts.

Knowledge is relevant. life is knowledge. life is relevant. and my throat feels like it's going to burst through my neck. my eyes are glossy with emotion. my heart's a beating like a turbine. my hands tremor from aftershocks of love. my heart is landlocked, lovelocked. and locked with passion. loved with passion. landed with success. and i smile again. for a sincere depiction, a crisp picture and insight, honest, true, not washed over with sugar, with voice, i bring my own heart to judgement, my own hope to trial, and my own lungs to endurement. so, on to the things that happen. on to loving.

Rawr like a dinosaur.

Someone to massage my heart.

Use a meat tenderizer on my mind.

There is no one way to fall in love. there is no best way to fall in love. long as we're all so fortunate to have fallen in love.

I don't believe in eating only half the burrito.

If you're whisky tastes like the bottom of an oak leaf it probably means it has been running on top of a cantelope.

Years later and still counting newbies.

Softy hands meets softy smoothy with ice cream.

Falling in stoke together.


Always carry some spare happiness in your pocket, you never know when someone else will need it.

The padre jones brigade.


There comes a point in every mans life where he needs change, that's why i carry a pocket full.

Put a smile on and wear it large.

The hipper hoppers.

The word can't is a matter of will.

I like the number three, it's curvy just how i like my women to be.

The anti-lackadaisical.

Lounge music and ice cream.