Apr 2004 

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First day of may is the fools parade.

The calling, the real calling, when low and bombed, friends are friends forever, that's one thing for sure.

Sometimes, when it rains, the grass gets wet.


Scratch and rawr alligator man.

Hello book, my name is bugsy, nice to meet you...stupid book.


Rythm rider of the mayhem in a town called villeville, hello to all the cliques.

Shattered...glass, hearts, peanuts, and even jell-o.

Introducing myself to where...things left still.

There was a point when red became yellow, when long became short, and when other names were called out.

Old ways die in young form.

At which nearly eight years amounts to...growing is growing.

Packing parachutes.

The more you change the more you figure out.

I'd love some change but i don't have a dollar bill.

Those little candy malt balls are like a mini orgasm in little candy shell.

Today i learned that some people only have seven toes because they got too hungry at some point.

Slapped in the heart with love.

Why must there be a reverse correlation between imagination and age.

Genre-cize this.

One pete, two pete, three pete, four, and ready for more, bombs away.

When alligators meow it means that they want some jelly beans.

Marketization of the fairies.

Drill the system into my shoes and make the resources mine.

Nothing crawled up my pants tonight, it was a long time ago when it did.

Slurp #2.

The first digit.

The word hi should be replaced with rawr.

Every girl gets a chocolate chip, but sometimes a girl gets the whole cheesecake.

Try to ask a question i wont' answer.

She has god's fingerprints on her heart and soul.

Levels, floors, patios, and marrital commitment, it's a bling bling world.

She is as committed as a mayfly in december.

Chingy chingy and your lingo sound, i'll chase you to the grund until the sound is one.

Blended love.

She's a brain beverage.

Day by day with long term goals.

Why the wait or why the rush...every answer has at least two questions, consider every approach.

I've been holding my horses for a long time, it's time to let them gallop, they're galloping, and if you don't want them in you can close your gate.

I'm the crayon in the cookie jar.