May 2004 

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Success is grand and it is worth paying one hundred dollars for a book you never read.

A grand celebration, for a great role model, it makes me feel young again and very able, congrats.

Fascinate and fantasize.

I'm fascinated by the things people think but don't say.

Suggestion...have a water baloon fight in your dorm room.

It doesn't matter how good you are when you don't play with heart.

The hiccup club.

There's honey on my biscuit tonight.

The grass is green when hugged in a vice, please let there be more green grass.

Round three is complete, but the cherry was on round two.

Life has no limits, so why should questions.

Where i could have been or where i should have been last time.

Cheers, to mom, a job well done, perfectly done.

Sweet home summer bliss, it's been a whlie for you and i.

Grill me like a pork chop baby.

Technology makes people stupid and weak.

Workin' it like i just retired.

Putting a treat in the doggy bag.

You've gotta keep your eye on the bobber, it could bob up and down anytime.

Ambitious creations leave me to ponder what's possible, and i'm left with, hmmm...everything.

She's candy-licious.

There's a person i know who get's ridiculed all the time, and never ridicules the ridiculers, and this only deepens the integrity of his character.

The pay off.

I'm lined with red.

There is no greater creative inspiration than love.

See're like a topping of strawberry shortcake your whipped cream, where as most girls are like a topping of whipped cream on their strawberry shortcake. that's the difference.


Buggy huggies for all.

Evidence of an evil world is all around us.

Social's not the only kind of pollution in our cities.

You know there's a problem when the richest country in the world, and the richest people, just want to get richer, philanthropy should be taught in american schools, where we are so fortunate to be able to give our money away, yet so few do.

A nation of wealth, but absent of morale.


Think thrice.

Organize and excecute.

Hi pillow to life.

Don't make me shoot you.

Buggle huggles.

I don't want to live in a country that puts itself first.

I don't want to live in a country that judges by the bag you carry and not waht's in the bag.

Well this cat is going to go find some kibble n' bits.

Bugsy speak.

Pimp squeekin' clean.

I'm throwing your intimacy towel back at you, and it's soaking wet.

The words i write are not of talent, they are of emotion, passion, and love.

Most people drink to rebel. i rebel by not drinking.