Jun 2004 

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The truth is not deep, it's just foggy.

To live without energy...is not living at all.

Sunglasses, time, and shoes, now we're ready to hit the sun, ring that up.

Dot sauce.

Go ahead and pualed this light you wuss.

Baking cookies all night long.

The capacity to conceal.

Uncoventional thinking is the only pot for artistic measure.

Every president between teddy roosevelt and gerald ford wore abercrombie and fitch. once upon a time it was dubbed "the greatest sporting goods store in the world." located in manhatten they outfitted the most famous people, from trips to africa, the amazon, the north pole, and everywhere inbetween. david t. abercrombie started the company in 1892, and ezra fitch became a partner in 1900. the manhatten mega store housed twelve floors of guns, backpacking gear, a rifle range, a casting pool, and everything in between. in 1977 the store went backrupt. ...how things change.

Lack of parental encouragement, motivation, inspiration, and etc. my interests, my desires, the things i put nearly all of my time into. why not.

One box of adams.

One more tally for the stack.

A pretty cool girl. just pretty cool? no, a pretty, cool girl.

I wish i was an open book, instead i'm just an open envelope, there just isn't that much to me.

Do not think it's going to or not going to happen, just realize and understand that it might happen.

Being closed minded is no way to live, it's a way to die.

Veggies delight in the daily meat.

Roll here, roll there, roll everywhere. make a beat of this breeze and say pisces. for that is the way we spin.

There is a squirrel in every bite of life, so grab an acorn my friend.

Practice your alpha-numerics, your alpha-numeric arithmatic, until three makes two.

Endure your age, you only live it once.

An envelope wihout a letter is like a summer day without sun; it's like a winter with no snow; it's like a bowl of ice cream with no spoon; it's like a child with no mother... an envelope with no letter is like a human with no soul.

A man who does not change is a man who is not alive.

I'm stoked like a flying monkey brotheran.

Dying of a noble cause is not a way of dying, but a way of living.

It must have been night when we were in the tunnel, because we saw no light at the end.

Kindness is a long term investment.

A college professor took one large clear jar, and while in class, filled it to the top with golf balls. he asked the class if that jar was full, they replied, "yes." then he poored some pebbles in the jar and shook it up some more utnil he couldn't put any more pebbles in. once again he asked the class if the jar was full, they replied, yes. then he grabbed some sand and poored that into the jar and shook it around and poored more until he could no longer put any more sand in the jar. this time the class was convinced the jar was full. until he pulled out two cups of coffee, and poored those in the jar, they fit as well. there is always room in life to take time with a friend for two cups of coffee...and then some.

I only have boundaries in my actions, to have boundaries in my conversations would only be silly.


They're good for the heart and soul.

Two lovely ladies will make any day special, at least when it's love ladies of that prestige, wowsers.

The journey begins.

Hey baby, let me put my jewels in your purse.

Rawr said the little chippy to the alligator. then the alligator proceeded to bite off the head of the cute lil' chippy.

Don't put all your baskets in one egg.

Capital funk.

I only know four words.

Making a photograph.

I got the boot.

Argyle this mr. sign who says adults must be accompanied by a child.

Grace begins right here.