Jul 2004 

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Hiccup, raver, and goodnight london.

Canada day will no longer be just canada day.

We'll get off on st. john's wood.

This down to earth moment has been brought to you by bugsy.

I'm not writing a love letter, yet.

Oh, they do have fourth of july in england.

You can criticize actions, but not the truth.

Trying to be the good guy i've always wanted, fending off the creepies.

Bring much truth and much demise, and you'll view the world from high above.

How much do i wager into life, and how am i going to apply.

Struck by a comment that opens a door to new hope, is it all possible.

Beatle on.

The sad reality of man vs woman.

A cathedral built by the master g.

A fine day, if you spell fine p-u-k-e.

Here's to documentation.

The only limits in life are those we set ourselves.

Watchout praha, here comes haha.

Two minutes of conversation cannot overcome two weeks of observation, words are strong, but nothing is stronger than action itself.

There is much to learn and there is much to teach, once again life is all about the balance.

Progress without success.

Absinth and jazz on a boat make for merry.

Aww, the wonders of dependency.

Hazards of procrastination, i'll handle that topic later.

Throughout time i become, become, become. through and through this golden road. i will never be done. the sum is not too large and never will be, only growing, with the eyes one will see. time is young and bodies are old, life's the perfect balance of fragile and strong.

Life is one big project, and each day i'm moving closer to its completion, completion which is death, death not by sorrow, but as a reward in which to celebrate.

A true gift, for all time a sincere friend.


Give me illness, because then i'll be strong.

Give me strength, because then i won't be ill.

It's time to dot the t's and cross the i's.

I write my eyes with beauty.

It's funny how the world works fine, yet when you give humans a new device, then take it away, their entire world collapses and they don't know how to operate without it, despite working perfectly fine before given.


Living in full extent.

Don't play with tornados, fire and ice.

But the golf balls never change.

The world and bugsy, how to the two coincide, that is, has been, and always will be the question.

Quintessential chocolate.

Filling in the gaps, to return as a better man.