Feb 2004 

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Shake up the world.

Turn the world into one giany cream puff, we could just dig into the earth and eat all we want, sure we'd all be plump, but we'd all be a little bit happier, grab your shovels everyone, it's cream puff time.

Holy tabernacle.

Cherry wine and marshmallow bliss.

I like a lil' bit of sugar around the edges.

Write from the heart and not from the wallet and you'll be just fine.

Being happy is a choice, not a reaction.

I don't look for things, i walk my path and pick up whatever comes along the way.

From scuds to swords.

Happy 88th ernie, i love you.

Happy bugsy day.

You have way more cuteness in your little finger than i will ever have says brit.

Versatile style.

Love isn't something to expect, it's something to give.

I just like to play.

The scrawny rocker type.

The invalid deduction of beer drinking.

Crouching tiger hidden blue flame.

Grill me.

The reason and balance of life.

It's all on the table, nothing held back, it just means it might take a while to sort through some times.

The phrase tickle your fancy scratches my ordinary.

Grill me just like a big thick juicy marinated steak.

Reluctance to change goes up, happiness goes down.

Sunshine time, because the sun never goes down when life is this good.

With nobody behind the camera there can't be anyone in front.

I like to be awake.

You can always take a nap.

Life is good when you want to be awake.

The last one to bed, the first one out of bed.

Mumbo jumbo for the hipster in kickers that rhyme with doggy.

I can count to twenty, and then one more for a good night.

Curiosity killed the cat, but it gave birth to the human.

Awww snap cracker jack.


Darn tootin' froot loopin'.

Life is the measurement of balance.

I'm like a little dragon, a cute rawr with just a spark.

The first ever daily fruit leap day.