Jan 2004 

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Sweet tastes stream into my blood on this first day, precisely the taste to get things rolling.


The otherwise factor.

The eve of conversation.

Sharing our life stories and secret dreams.

May i have a back rub.

A bridge, a bush man, a prison, a few fish, and then throw in a gorgeous red haired girl and blue skies and funky hates with camera in hand

Once again it's eighteen hours later, and nearing eight thousand miles later.

Rawr like sugar, rock like salt.


And them some, and then a lot more.

Triple threat to the throat sardine dude, oh yea big speed and big air is good too.

Glad to live.

Pimpin' it juicy style.

56k hodem.

Stuffin' playdo down my pants.

How much you say you much how.

Rock on, rawk out, and rawr like there's no tomorrow.

Biting of the lip.

One job out the door and another one in.

Frontside boardslide across your toes.

A dream kiss come true.

Black outs happen from electric 180 methods that are thrown out fifteen feet too far.

White out across the face and some for the toes and then on the girls rather than black rectangles.

And one giant hiccup for mankind.

Jastine, jastin, jason, justine.

Intimacy is hitting the g-spot of the heart.

I like to take risks. i like to dance around the line. it makes life intense.

It's not a matter of obtaining attention, it's a matter of obtaining interest, which is much more difficult to acquire.

Keep on kartin' on.

My parents respect is much more important to me than being cool.

Rip across like raspberry wine on a winter day of twine.

Hey...you're...yea, that one, one..uh..wanna go out.

Look once, look twice, the third time i'll know for sure

Quit whining...it's the most beautiful day of the year.

Livin' like sugar baby.

The most attraction, the most expression, the most photogenic, a face full of existance and life should not hide.

Good talk.

Give me some moore of that, if you know what i mean.

We make what is true in our minds.

This young man's talent is strong.

Wayne gretzky scored three safeties in a football game once.