Dec 2003 

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Enlighten and delighten.

Just kickin' like a fetus in its mother's womb.

Three for three. one lost from alcohol. one lost from heart. one lost from culture.

The remanence of poo poo.

Throwin' the three dubs around.

Fab fab din din with the lib lib.

My cowboy johnny is lookin' for a mrs.

The kingdom, uh, oops, i mean the kit-kat never fails.

Two punch count. off with one. off with another.

Yes yes, much rather fall in love, then never fall at all.

Could doom possibly come tomorrow.

Keep it going paps, ya done good.

Another dream come true. more and more to come.

Smoother than sandpaper i guess. you know maybe it's because we never experienced any kind of down time. we never experienced the worst, always the best. and to experience that sort of worst we just weren't ready for together. of course i think there's a million tiny factors i'll never know. i can only hope. watching her is beautiful, but it's also bitter. the time of my life for a year and a half.

The huggle maniacs retire to bourbon street with their ladies.

The relief of release is mine.

She flaunts and raves with all the rusty criminals of flav.

There's not enough film in the world to capture what can fit in the frame of my heart.

If i see a beautiful flower alongside a walkway, i'm going to take the time to give admiration where it's due.

Almost a day to relax, until then i'll give a gift and create some smiles.

Step on this train and look towards the setting sun, we shall follow.

This empty seat that was once yours is filled blessingly, and she says donka and has beautiful facial expressions.

The scrabbleization of six uniques.

Now look towards the rising sun to the east, and the morning mountains, which will become our mayhem for a few days of early winter.

Ring, ring, hello, do you know how to spell the word jiz(z)?

Big things happen when two full rotations are torqued in a matter of hours into day one.

Doneness, could we get a spellcheck on that.

Later on comes a second walk with a german beauty.

A czech beauty, a german beauty, an austrailian boy, and me.

Cough, shiver, brr.

The wickedness of this terrain.

The prestigious, the notorious, the ritzy, above it all i stand on the blue sky bassin, running through trees and off of cliffs, if i haven't somewhere to go then i'm not lost, i'll lay back in this tenderness, and bitterness could be the one right on my side, but it's only sugar.

Takin' this one for the team, five, ten, fifteen, twenty hours of sleep.

The grand finale.

This is, it simply is.

Oops, overshot it again, must find larger.

After this, breakfast becomes breckfast.

If i'm not falling, i'm not trying hard enough.

I just got brecked.

It's only getting newer.

It worked, i'm breck, i mean back, all because of breck, not necessarily, a few other variables that feel into the sea and swam right back to me, amazing how a fish swims to me when i'm at the peak of a mountain.

Winky winky, guess who's gettin' kinky.

Your eyes are not beautiful for how they look, your eyes are beautiful becasue of how they see.

The falling snow insulates our love.

This house is full of love, full to its capacity, yet as the piano rings out we all manage to stuff more and more love into this place.

The great eve.

Handshoes and horse grenades.

Unzipped for the very first time.

One foot, because i looked at a picture.

The snowboard reunion.

Fifty fifty chicken wing.

Ernie the great.

Snowshoeing in the mud.

Probably because i have two nickels and a dime for you, here's to the fifteener.

Rise at four and rock it more and more.

Side by side and i'm flattered while my heart thumps.

Twenty-two hundred miles and several hours later and i'm in the arms of an angel.

Put the kicks in your body.

There's no better way to wake up.