Jun 2015 

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Seagull wings.

You can never achieve more than one hundred percent.

Your data is so sexy.

Build the support, before it breaks away.

I've never been one to read every day, or draw everyday, for writing every day must be worth something.

Strive to be the most likable version of yourself.

Forty at forty.

I'm coming to your household.

Stop thinking and execute.

At the helm.

Humble me not.

No squall is too big for a seagull.

Play a little less, ship a little more.

Better watch out, I'm wearing my confident panties.

Innovation doesn't happen while you're working, it comes when you're playing, and that's when you go to work.

Innovation needs time for pause and time for fun.

Obsession, no longer from Calvin.

Either two steps ahead or two steps behind.

My wealth comes in a different form than yours.

Do you ever become the cool kid?

I've never had any help, and I'm not quite sure what'll happen if I do.

Integrity's return on investment has been nil.

When you start to feel that everyone is cooler than you, is that old age?

Don't forget when you were on the other side of the table.

Do more today to reduce stress tomorrow.

Father better than son.

Don't turn your maybes into nos.

When you say maybe, be sure to commit more than 50% of the time.

Be somebody's enemy.

I've never finished first, but I finish the race.

Tiny peninsula, large treasure.

An idea has zero value unless acted upon.

Would you rather succeed alone or fail with company.

Smooth on the inside, rough on the edges.

Crafting my audience before I craft my voice.

Until the last stone has been skipped.