May 2015 

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Because spontaneity.

Vicky and Eric.

It's gonna be maybe.

I'll continue betting on integrity.

They don't call me Uncle Fester for nothing.

Unfester your world.

Not necessarily not in that order.

Suffocated by my own ideas.

I will never be as amazing as you think I am.

This is mediocre.

They can see us the way we see us.

All the fruit with zero of the nutrients.

Making a bet that less freedom means more progress.

I fear the plaid.

The unknown trendsetter.

You gotta gotta get down to get up.

The best I can be is good enough only for myself, for others I need to be better

My hugs have been spent.

Looks like I'm just a big dumb dumb.

You can't come back if you don't leave.

The grass is browner on the other side.

Every sailor sees a few rough seas.

Confidence is on the rise, confidence is on the decline.

Rough seas by night, calm waters by morn.

The straight jacket is coming off.

Come to the north side.

Drive and thrive.

Work by morning, play by night.

Stand, stir, and serve

Sooo subtle, sooo steez, sooo sailor.

There's foam in your beer.

There's a storm brewing.

Fingers crossed, beers toasted.

How far down the latter can you climb before you have to jump off.

The honeymoon trifecta is over.

I can see myself cooking up some of those little lettuce balls.