Apr 2015 

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Schedule time with your thoughts.

Get smarterer, one dum dum at a time.

Ambition is greater than the sum of its parts.

Do it the hard way, the true way.

Design more things.

Don't be a short sale.

When asking if you're a confident person...

My brain is more boring and vague than you realize.

Burst mode.

Give my solid colors and give me texture.

High rolling.

Be a producer of pretty things.

On fleek.

Tails of fish.

A homecoming of sorts.

People I love, all in one place.

Nothing my compact car hasn't backed down from before.

Get crushed.

There are quotes about fools.

And to think I almost walked away from it all.

Five years is only one chance to make an impact.

That moment when people talk about how ridiculous something is, and they don't realize that's where you are too.

Kill your ideas.

Spring is your soul.

Time to plan the next chess move.

Being deep in my head is what produces the things you'll see next.

My memories involve analytics, your memories involve people. Take your pick.

Digging for meaning in a few projects.

When the brain has more energy than the body.

Dumb, but finitely.

The perfect setup for an imperfect evening.

Nice guys finish.

Learning that contented was isn't exclusively good.

It can't be all you want, and it can't be none you want, once again life seems to prove it's all about the balance.

Bugsy, surprisingly human.

I'm the sweetest bug bite you'll ever have.

You've got to unload before you can make your next shipment.

Spend more time leading by example, and less time being offended.

Even Richard Branson got himself into grave trouble every once in a while.

Do more you.

As inspired and passionate as you may be, there will always be a direct correlation to hours invested.

Bacon doesn't have to be a fantasy.

It's a dad thing, you would understand.

Today's anxiety for tomorrow's enjoyment.

Capitalize the G.

This isn't about me.


Rings happen.

Life is a venn diagram.

Yes you can, and you should, go around smelling like bacon.

She comes, she goes, and everybody knows.

Everyone's eating the pie, but that doesn't mean the cake being ignored on the other side of the table doesn't taste better.

Quietly irreplaceable.