Mar 2015 

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Going indy.

Life friends.

Life has always began at the edge of my comfort zone.

It's not that I'm ever in the right place at the right time, it's that if you never move you'll never happen to be somewhere at the right time.

Story crafting.

Perspective gains.

And just like that, I had a beer.

Reacquainted with old friends, as small moments make for big stories.

Turns out that a vacation doesn't have to be the figment of my imagination.

Meet new.

Proof of concept.

One half marathon every day.

Big shoes to fill, but mostly literally.

There's a beautiful sunset in your near future.

It's like one of those bowls of fake plastic fruit.

Brains, brains, brains.

The threshold of traveling solo.

Planes, trains, and not automobiles.

The best way to become a great house guest is to host a lot of them.

For all being the same, we sure treat each other differently.

The best place to be is in the air.

Back to back.

Be the electron.

Well, that's a dichotomy.

The seagulls did my laundry.

Silence is comfort.

Talking makes me vulnerable.

Do the lazy.

This is my man freeze.

My capacity for production has been quartered.

Skip the green beer, seek the green skies.

This beer will not exceed your expectations.

It's time to call in a few favors.

What's with the righteous? Or the lefteous for that matter.

Look south, drive north.

Remember what it was like to create with no interruptions.

There is no question that there's a will, so the rest should be taken care of.

Fill your mason jars.

Sometimes you start an entirely new maze and still end up at the same crossroad, unless it's all the same maze after all.

Contentedness does not mean everything.

Sleepless nights don't hurt as much as seeing your sleepless nights.

I admire your play ethic.

It's amazing how much weight humans put on a single experience.

If you're that high on a low day, imagine how high you could get.

The moment where experience counts.

All my favorite girls.

Be the underdog.

We all have someone to forgive.

Remember that with great pleasures there are many consequences.

What kills me more than anything is when the fire burns so hot, and then it dies as I try to start a fire for someone else's creation.

There's only one person I can depend on.

Back is to the wall, it's time to go clutch.