Jul 2015 

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50% through the year, 100% to the goal.

Two vectors walk into a bar...

Throw a few rocks into the water and suddenly I'm immersed into one of the greatest societies in the world.

My debut wasn't gold, but my return will be.

Oh all the places stone skipping will take you.

Nothing like being the third wheel ... with your parents.

Take all the little things that you do, and do them really, really well.

The greatest compliments are anonymous.

Take the ridiculous things in life and make them larger than life, funner than life.

Your secret is safe with squirrel.

Saying no to ice cream is robbing the day of its true value.

It's a very stubborn kind of ambition.

What takes precedence, normal or nice?

The longest look I have ever seen.

What I needed to be told when I was younger about my bad habits is what I would think about them ten years later.

This year has all been entirely about discovering how I was raised.

Thirty years from now you'll be just like me.

Be the dirtiest bird.

Don't confuse an easy life for a complacent life.

Kill your ideas and be liberated to focus on the ones that matter.

Do not take on a tradition solely for the cause of not letting it die.

The challenge isn't for you to change who you are, it's for me to love you for who you already area.

I am the product of my peers.

There is no applause in your behavior.

People forget that create is the root word of creative.

If you think this is a mess, you should see inside my head.

Just 'cuz I can't swim don't mean I can't surf.

People who aren't crazy are boring, and boring is boring to me.

Pizza vibes.

Twenty-five rhymes with jive.

The toxins are preventing the nutrients of the fruit to get to the source.

Let the storm clouds roll.

Predictability is what killed the dinosaurs.

Will you be my sounding board if I'm not sounding bored?

The cool kids called... to laugh.

Built on ambition, cracked by getting there.

Everything in life has to do with being proactive.