Dec 2014 

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I cling to people who make me better.

Some of the best gifts don't cost a dime, just a little bit of time.

Like a zombie lost at sea.

Ready for a new day.

I don't mix the cake batter before I have a cake pan.

'Tis the season for fourteen-hour days.

So much vision and so little execution.

Tomorrow night, I hope you'll rememebr what I said tonight.

Fear is not a word in my vocabulary.

Silence is platinum.

If nothing else, at least the struggle is real.

Slow and thorough.

I have successfully achieved mentorship.

I can haz friends.

Seven years of anything is a good run.

The butter is getting spread thin, and everybody hates the dry corner of toast.

Future amateur financial analyst.

Tears and smilies are both good, especially together.

I don't think nice guys finish last... but they certainly don't come in first.

The calendar says busy, the calendar sometimes lies... sometimes.

Bonus fruit.

Sincerely the most fun in a five-hour stretch I've had in at least five hours, mine mine mine.

Wake up nice.

Let's do two, then we'll do five.

Feeling in whack.

What is my future self?

Missed opportunity doesn't always mean lost opportunity.

A day spent in thought is never a day wasted, but perhaps a day gained.

Making more isn't the same as losing less.

Cookies are the realest food.

This is life as I am.

Doing it wrong, but doing it oh so right.

It's very much like a broken faucet and I don't know how to turn it off.

I can't wait to be in my 70s, when meeting for coffee is more common than meeting for a beer.

I didn't know what to do, so I had some stress cookies. The stress was pretend, but the cookies were real.

The more you stay ahead of your bills, the more you get to remain a kid.

The biggest lesson in photography doesn't even involve a camera, it's about being out there, because amazing photos are never taken from a couch.

Less furious, more curious.

I long to challenge others, but first I must challenge myself.

This was an accomplished year.

Carry the 14.

This year's ellipsis is a gone one.