Jan 2015 

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Starting the year in the all the right ways.

You get what you chase.

To feel warmth, we must first embrace the cold.

My goal is to get to a place where I can act on ideas in the there and then, without interruption. At the moment of conception ideas are in their purest, most raw form. And from that point on, time only dilutes them.

Ambition is a bitch.

What if, for one year, I gave up ambition.

I live to live.

The things have been done.

Those deep planted sees will grow and they do blossom.

A face I've seen a million times before, yet I continue to see it in ways I've never seen it before.

You have to fight the awkward stuff if you want to get to a better place.

Must go faster, need more vertical.

At some point in life I became a lone wolf.

I'm a lone wolf, vulnerable but dangerous.

What came first, the relaxation or the productivity?

If today was an orange, I turned it into pulp.

How can so much cuteness exist in a single face?

Perhaps sunrises and sunsets were created for generate spontaneity, so that when this beautiful thing is happening it forces you to get up from your routine and take a break.

I'm not only an advocate of crazy hair, but a practitioner.

Nerd. For life.

Debilitated by my own ambassion.

If you're continually looking for motivation then you probably already have it.

You have a good face, I would totally look at it for long periods of time.

Let me off the leash.

More carpe than your average citizen.

Why doe this happen to me.

Eleven years late.

This is me doing me.

You can stay or go but you can't do both.

Ice cream is like cuddling for the inside of the body.

Perhaps the potential is greater when further away.

I'm well dressed, so I must be a good designer.

Let's not worry about doing all the things, but focus on just the things we can do.

The faucet has never stopped dripping, not only that but the drip gets bigger and more steady, and no plumber has been able to fix it.

Every morning I try to start with an empty mason jar and by days end it's bursting with new things I want to try, build, and so on. At day's end I dump as much of it out into the storage box as I can, but it becomes sticky like peanut butter and starting anew becomes impossible.

It's like looking in the mirror when you don't want to.

My head is boiling over, boiling over, boiling over and I just want it to stop sometimes.

Booty dreamin' ain't easy.

Dr. Snuggles is here, run while you can.

Gophers are God's afterthought.

If it's just an egg you might as well make an omelet.

There is no winning in losing.