Nov 2014 

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Stricken with wonderlust.

If you have nothing to do and there's a sunset happening, you have something to do.

That's the beauty of faith.

The double full pull.

Bring me a bacon.

My whole life has been a brainstorming exercise.

How to make my own life.

Hold on, I'm YOLO-ing.

I shall name my first son Champ Ian Sailor.

There will be more happiness in your assertiveness.

Correction, you are cold because you do not eat enough ice cream.

Must not miss the first snowfall.

Let's be curious and fascinated in each other's differences.

This is my shiny little diamond.

May the snow be with you.

Let's make an irresponsibility pact.

The reach of executing a single idea is limitless, make a few happen the the neurons will fire for a long time.

Find the people who are smarter than you.

Life is hard, eat more ice cream.

The pleasure of pleasuring me.

Everybody wands soup ... said nobody ever.

The quest continues, to be one of the cool kids.

There was a moment in life when I had to decide on something to take out all of my aggressions on, and that thing is soup.

Glory lasts for about a second.

I would like this, but I don't.

Without sadness we wouldn't know what happiness is.

A boy amongst men.

Doors are made for closing.

Have you ever been to Club Bugsy?

The most amazing thing I saw today was not a viral video, it was someone bolt across a busy street to help an elderly lady who slipped and fell on the ice. He then helped her walk the rest of the way down an icy hill.

The fluffy stuff is for everyone.

My insanity needs to be restored.

Don't stop watching sunsets in the winter.

All I know is the things I didn't get done.

There are a lot of things in my life that have chocolate residue.

I often feel the difference of where I am and where I could be, is a matter of focus.

I want Etta James and tea.

Carnivore dreamin'

I dare you to even try YOLOing.

Everything in life is a venn diagram.

Perhaps, it's actually costing me to be here.

Set up the field goal.

But I seek a different lifestyle.

Home my be where the heart is, but not the excitement.

The stress-love balance.

Are making a living or are you making a life?

What's the falling in love at a coffee shop song? Cue it up right now.

It's always been real, not a moment of life that isn't.