Oct 2014 

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Delegate, coordinate, dominate.

The calm before the storm, it's that moment where you've done everything you could and there's nothing left to do but to wait.

All the plaid happens today.

Plaidurday hangover.

All of this year's relaxation happened in two days, it was beautiful, and I'll do it again in January.

Half and half equals four.

I can't not do all the things.

Clutch performance.

If you had an employee that worked 24/7 without sleep, they would get a pretty salary, am I right?

My analogy for life is a whole bunch of little electrons floating around, wait, that's not an analogy at all.

Be the proton.

I missed his scent.

Nostalgia will return.

Ooooh I get it, you like boring guys.

Not an award winner.

Baristas always warm my heart.

Time is not our friend, we must do all the things now.

When people gossip to me and tell me negative things about other people, it's just easier for me to assume that they also do the same about me, and with that assumption, I'm left only to say nice kind things about people, as it should be.

The role I want, has a lot to do with Rolos.

Lake Superior steals my breath in a way a woman never has.

There's too much talking

That's three out the door.

I can't help but feel that I'm just your stepping stone.

Living the nine-oh-six life.

Another day with all the things.

Don't judge a culture before you experience it.

New thoughts, new places, new funs, new relaxings.

Monday reset.

There are things I can do in my red pants that i can't do in the others.

I'd rather be the one saying I could do better, than the other way around.

I hate that I can't smell what I smell like.

Recognize the moments that teach you patience.

All good things come in a sack.

Whatever makes you happy is healthy.

Find what you love to do, and forget about the money.

Not now, I'm in GTD mode.

Nobody said there was a box to begin with.

I should learn to juggle before throwing so many balls up into the air.

Diving into the flat world.

That's ok, life is no less awesome.

I have never not wanted to skip stones.

Who knows, I certainly don't, not yet anyway.

If I felt I had everything figured out, the things I do would never happen.

Rough days, smooth nights.

When you talk negatively about someone, it changes my impression of you, not the person you're talking about.


I just realize where I am in life.

Always have something you're silently working towards.

Pumpkin shortage.

Don't skip the sunset.

There's something scary happening.