Sep 2014 

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Society, you amuse me.

I get an F for carpe diem this week.

The America I know.

Damn right I get sentimental.

Doing is easier than planning.

You say shoot for the moon, I say shoot for pluto.

The good kind of freaking.

I worked 8-4 yesterday, twice.

I would really, really like to jump out of a plane again.

Quiet wins out.

Star gazing, thunder and lightning in the distance, full moon reflecting off a calm Lake Superior, feet in the sand, and fire dancers?

Bring it on Albert Einstein, I'll challenge you to fencing any time.

Nice guy for life.

Ambition is often my worst enemy.

My talent is hype.

I live life in the fast lane baby, keep up or pull to the side.

Do all the fun things.

I don't have a middle ground, it's either my best behavior or my worst behavior

I have a thick shell to crack, mostly by design.

I prefer my dessert before dinner.

You're so hot that when the heater repairman came to fix your heater he said, "Sorry ma'am, there's no problem here."

I'll never know the depth of our friendship until we road trip together

Thou shalt roadtrip.

I often apply many of the rules from elementary school to adult life.

My wealth is not in money, but in experiences.

You have to do confident things to feel confident.

Ok, but you might be better off picking an apple tree.

Learning the skills of ego building.

If you can keep up, I'm moving too slow.

Be tireless.

It's not part of my weight loss plan either, but it's part of my happiness plan.

All the puzzle pieces are in the box.

Would you rather have more fruit, or the best fruit?

Life is like a fun burrito, the more you put it, the better it tastes.