Mar 2014 

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All the things must happen this month, not a single no, not a single maybe.

The fear of numbers.

It's good to be intimidated again.

Feeling especially light headed today.

More airflow.

Why is sleep so hard?

Boss level.

Skateboarding and pretty things.

Sleepless nights today will reap the benefits in a couple years.

This is the cherry on top. It's big, bright red, extra juicy, and as sweet as can be.

Did Richard Branson have this many sleepless nights?

Doesn't matter if you're a pile of whatever or if you're dominant, look at what you're getting rather than what you're not.

Drinking some Jewce.

Life is a giant venn diagram.

These muscular thighs cannot be contained.

Hugs speak louder than words.

Beards are for filtering out wimpy chicks.

If she can't handle the beard, she can't handle the rest.

She's totally DTC.

All work and no play, til Friday.

There are two things I hate in this world, scarves and soup.

Take one small thing and dominate it.

Yesterday's average is today's valley.

You bring the jam, I'll bring the peanut butter.

In the end, they're all like family.

In one sense, I'll never get enough traction.

Days alone are what I know, it's time work and later I'll twerk.

In two years I'll be able to tell people what happened on this day.

Just my luck.

These are the days I've been searching for.

Don't quit it til' you get it.

Thugsy out.

Speech in hand, and nobody knows who I am.

Pressure tightens.

The two that mattered.

The aforementioned.

Ginger saved the night.

Can't see past the overhang.

When you own the bracket, it never gets busted.

Twenty four will never be enough.

Rusty but trusty.

Even though you're younger than me, you're older than me.

I had questions, I sought answers.

Venn diagrams and filters, that's how I do it.

Drive, the sequel.

Sunday funday AND Monday funday.

Worse (or better?) than a kid on Christmas Eve.