Feb 2014 

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Self-inflicted guilt trips are all the rage.

You have never seen me play basketball.

It's amazing how much longer a toaster takes when you watch it, it's almost like the toaster gets self conscious.

Did you think about me climbing Mount Everest in nothing but a plaid cape?

Roast your marshmallow and get out.

The more you can do, the more you can do.

What would Richard Branson do?

Mooch city.

You can't spell Bugsy without awkward.

Goldfish in California or a blue whale in Nebraska.

Immoral wishes.

The fortune of friends.

The Kraken of the Upper Peninsula.

All the things must get done.

The drive to thrive.

Be my golden valentine.

The day for love, the place for love.

Let's see how many awkward Valentine's Days we can spend together.

After two years, what's another two days.

Bringing my head in for a wheel alignment.

This. Every damn weekend.

My heart is trapped somewhere between the snow and the ice.

This orchard is all made up.

You're the epicenter of gorgeous.

At some point we all have to be Yoko Ono.

If I had a dollar for every time I heard "good idea", I would be filthy rich. If I had a dollar for every "good idea" executed, I would be in poverty.

You're only as relevant as your last move.

I need a beehive before i can make honey.

Odd is greater than even.

There's no saying where life will take you, but it will take you, and that's the good part.

Fifty shades of white.

Buggy out! Seriously though, I'm out guys.

I want meow meow.

One break and this will be it.

That duck is lame.

Stripping them of normal.

There is no longer an elephant in the room, it can't fit through the door.