Jan 2014 

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The year of the ghost.

Roses will forever be green.

Checkmate is near.

The potion has been delivered.

My creativity and motivation have a direct correlation to snowfall.

Life is more fun with snow.

If I could marry snow I would.

I'm snow happy today!

A lone wolf isn't the same as a lonely wolf.

It's always good to start a new year with some confident stupidity.

I would be disappointed if you weren't crazy.

The barrel has a crack in it, and I'm trying to patch as much as I can before I lose it all.

Is it better to arrive loud and leave quiet, or vice versa?

My ambition doesn't allow me.

The real challenge is bringing as much fun and crazy while sober.

The only difference is the snow is cold and your face is hot.

Forever young at heart, but it's inevitable that the body catches up.

Size may not matter, but packages certainly do.

You can eat all the fruit in the world, but that won't make you any juicier.

Last week's friend, this week's enemy.

You win this round, pain.

Love the great lakes and they'll love you.

Leopards at zoos yelling.

That advice went straight to the heart.

I guarantee you that nothing works one hundred percent of the time.

I don't make the awards, I just win them.

I rarely remember a meal for the food. I often remember a meal for the company.

I'm not happy about anything, I'm just happy, so I guess I'm happy about anything.

Reaching the top of the Great Plains just isn't the same.

Go half in, or go all in.

Give me all the mint.

Feed the next ambition with the last ambition.

There's no place like snow, there's no place like snow.

A proper winter.

Stay soft, but go hard.

If this January is bigger than last January, and this February is bigger than last February, then in March you will find your answer.