Dec 2013 

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The volcano is about to blow.

In that one hour, all the evidence was laid out for what I need to do.

My lifestyle would break most people.

Persistence is my best friend.

I wish you hugged me the way your car hugs those curbs.

And then I got funny.

Grumpy cats, awesome. Grumpy humans, not so much.

Have plan, apply glue.

Sometimes you gotta grow up to grow young.

Roses are green.

Challenges ahead.

Cold feet, warm heart.

No ounce of energy left unspent.

What's down is down and what's up is up.

Get frustrated.

Own the weirdness early on, then it's more you can get away with later.

You can't spell Colorado without rad.

Sometimes the greatest gift we give is to show gratitude for the ones we receive.

Be right back, I'm busy being successful.

Ever regret eating fruit? Now would be one of those times.

When the apple orchard gets bigger than the cherry orchard, sometimes you have to lay the cherry orchard to rest.

The reins are in my hand.

You have entered the nap zone.

Flippin' pancakes and dishing out smiles.

Not even one fiftieth of my potential.

You know it's time for a beer when I'm talking about the APIs and say IPA instead.

The winter I want is arriving.

This is my Christmas.

A wheelbarrow can't stand without the third wheel.

There are so many ways for two things to become one.

The eves of eves.

I can haz snow.

My old love, your new love.

All the peace, all the wow, all the now.

Some miracles happen the day before Christmas.

For being five hundred miles away from where I want to be, this was a pretty good day.

If I could give you my power, I would.

It's not Christmas, but friends save the day.

Shared my Christmas with ten strangers, and then it was over.

I'm not sure if karma exists but I really hope so.

No gifts needed, just time and memories and togetherness.


Let's just be together.

In a cozy coma.

My friend family.

When did my dreams become so boring?

I was sworn to secrecy to never speak of that Monopoly game which I came from behind and dominated in perhaps my best Monopoly performance ever, I hope they do not read this as I am tempting fate.

You can reach me zero.

Doing it Bugsy style.