Nov 2013 

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Loyal beyond the flannel.

You know, sometimes being little brother has more benefits.

Moving a half-ton from one corner of the apartment to the other corner and back again.

A day to do whatever I want while the world is busy, I'll work in the shadows.

Time to sell.

Last week we beat the only undefeated team in the league, this week we lost to the only winless team in the league.

I am nothing but a makeshift wannabe, a far cry from what others desire.

Remove the fear.

Now with promises of pleasure.

If you ain't sweatin', you ain't dancin'.

This is where all my wild dreams don't come true.

I wish I had memories from my previous reincarnations.

Not sure why, but everything just feels in order today.

How ironic when someone calls me a troll.

This is not an entrepreneurial opportunity.

Part way into my thirties and I've done nothing but turn up the volume and the tempo.

This city is in the rearview mirror now.

My client has more reach.

Ambitions bigger than my available time.

Must plant more fruit trees.

Is that your final question?

Sighs are for guys with no thighs.

You earn sweat equity, I earn donut equity.

Green for days.

The disappointment of failed excitement.

Falling in comfort.

Waves for days, ambition for years.

Wild and sweet, like the best berries.

Seeking the elusive Bugsy experience.

What stood true seven years ago still stands true today, the open ride drives inspiration.

The prettiest things happen in the snow.

Turning the brand inside out.

God doesn't make ugly kitties.

I do stupid things when nobody is there to stop me.

She doesn't believe in secret recipes, just like food, all recipes should be shared.

Some wake up and smell the roses, here we wake up and smell the white gold.

Let's get snowy.

I'm boycotting boycotting.

What I once wanted to achieve in a year, I can now achieve in a single day.

Roses are green.

It goes beyond them.

Everything is here and in order except my time.