Apr 2014 

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Amused, or not amused? That is the question.

I told you, I prefer long goodbyes.

You can take it apart, or you can tear it apart.

When a sailor looks to the open sea long enough, his eyes become the ocean.

Like chocolate.

The convoy goes north.

Truly on my own now.

Time to make a home of this place.

Yes, this will do just fine.

Reminiscent of a great time, but better.

One small upgrade every three days.

Look at the familiar as I've never seen it before.

This fruit is rotten.

An idea is only as good as its execution.

If you're driven to do something kind, you should never hold back.

Eager for Monday, this is a good sign.

The potential is growing every day, and one step closer to going after it hard.

Oreo dinner.


The home to come.

Our last night together as a family.

Tickle fight.

Nothing can stop a flock of ugly birds.

I saw the potential of the guy when I was eighteen.

Maybe I should stop eating fruit for a while.

Yes, it's a gimmick. And yes, it works.

Brooklyn girls are all the rage.

Fifty shades of red.

Making this plane more aerodynamic and heading for the jet steam.

I would have married you if I knew what you were going to be when you grew up.

There is no creativity in what I do, in fact we all have the same ideas, I just choose to do a few of them.

You know I'm in the zone when the socks come off.

Double the pun, double the pleasure.

So much ginger, so little time.

Yeah, I could do some big things here.