Aug 2013 

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I missed you August.

Time to get to twerk.

Of all the lives I've lived, this one is the best.

Baby, listen to me, with this thing we got going on we could save the world.

Living in a world that's out of my league.

Way too average for the average girl.

The eye candy hasn't been mutual in a long time.

Who's my enabler?

Championship bound.

When the brew crew snacked on stew, they staged a coo.

No more wild ways.

What's your flavorite?

Let the good times roll ... tomorrow.

Beer, baseball, and brats.

My world has turned upside down, my job here is done.

The little-boy-caught-doing-something-he-shouldn't face.

It seems silly to sacrifice character and kindness.

Eight or nine out of the ten things I want should have been enough.

What if hearts never broke?

Where's the punch line? What's the lunch line?

A day in the strife.

I'm a better fantasy than reality.

I need some heartache so I can get skinny again.

Time to finish this day with a sexclamation point.

Work it like you twerk it.

Strive to see the usual differently.

If you ain't creepin' you ain't livin'.

This is why I cry.

Second pun once removed.

I smell friendship.

Holy crap, I became a little more manly today.

I kinda think I might really like you, maybe.

Never forget how beautiful the world is.

I'm six foot two, handsome, well-dressed, and all of my friends look the same.

A little ambition well-managed is better off than a lot of ambition poorly managed.

Life without passion is merely breathing.

Not legit enough to quit.

Some say your health is all you've got. Some say your happiness is all you've got. I say your attitude is all that you've got.

Thinking is very underrated, I feel not enough people take the time to do it.

Are these stress zits or working hard zits?

When's the last time you really looked at something, just one thing, for a long time without interruption?