Jul 2013 

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Play that puck.

My heart farts for you.

After years of extensive cat research I have obtained cat-like reflexes.

The storm before the calm.

After years of an extensive training regiment I hope I'm ready to compete in my first stone skipping competition on Thursday, until then, the arm must rest.

Road tripping season.

Some people celebrate with a birthday beer. I celebrate with a Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday beer.

So many funs today.

Perfect day ends. Perfect night begins.

When memories happen, fruit is forgotten.

I knew Bugsy Rocker would one day resurface literally.

Surrounded by future stone skipping champions, I strive to be one of them myself.

We did all the things.

A day of matrimony and madness, surrounded by sparklers and besties.

Take the extra time, do the extra things, two hours of memories trumps two hours of being late.

It's as though six days were taken from 2007 and placed into 2013.

I never liked scarves, until now.

They call me Hugs McGee.

Do the remarkable things.

Where you livin' and lovin'?

For those of you who know this man no caption is necessary. For those of you who don't no caption is sufficient.

I sort of dominated these last ten days.

This is a stickup, give me all your ice cream!

It's a sign of a good home when the ice cream scoop is the most used kitchen utensil.

An open road is all I need.

Hold on let me screenshot it ... with my mind!

Sometimes I just start thinking about Nicklas Lidstrom and Steve Yzerman.

All the hype with none of the passion.

Some people are so afraid to die they forget to live.

Take a sarcasm pill.

Life favors the curious.

Let's go back to back, then stomach to stomach.

Your face is a myth to me now.

All I hope is that for our entire lives I'm able to make you smile and laugh.

There are the known knowns, the known unknowns, and the unknown unknowns. I'm working on the last one.

I think my brain is inferior, it doesn't solve what I want it to.

Bring them together, then scoot out of the way.

The grub monster comes to life.

When my value exceeds my price.

Where all the pretty girls went.

It's the road less traveled that got me here, and it'll be the road less traveled that gets me out.

Motivation and determination aren't commodities.

You ask what the world offers you, and she offers you the world, she offers you herself.

Eating out is like paying to get fat.

I've been his punderstudy for three years.

Productivity affects my mood immensely, perhaps more than anything.

I am going to anticipate where you're going and get there before you.