Sep 2013 

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I worry that my turn has already passed.

Some people were born blessed with money, some with good luck, and others with brilliance. I was born with a relentless will to see to it the things I dream up in my head.

Looks like my limit is about thirty-six hours, then again I'm not sure the last time I went beyond twenty-four.

Make your own future.

Some seeds can't be planted without a fight.

The night of a thousand dreams.

Aspiring honorary doctorate.

Just signed up for man practice.

The thread is red.

You can be as little of a spoon as you want and I'll be as big of a spoon as I can be.

Why ugh, when you can hug.

You forgot.

Who knew that pogs could be this much fun.

Looking for a dull-time job.

The only explanation is that it was a dream.

Duck, duck ... crepe!

The lake is not better, it's what's around the lake.

Let us breathe.

I don't even have backgammon.

Next time, let's remember to keep spaces in our togetherness.

That was cute, adorable, and all the things. Now, let's go get married and hang out with all our friends.

Sometimes I think all I want to do is hop around visiting different people, seeing new places, trying new things. And then I think that's exactly what I got to do for an entire year.


Some call it motivation, but really is masochism.

If I was a musician she could feel what I'm trying to say.

I bet you think this fruit is about you, don't you.

Some things take over a decade to happen, and they surprise you even more.

Another other.

For every rule I make, there's another rule I break.

Your Ginger Goddess powers are four times the strength of mine.

Spooning cereal. Spooning ice cream. Spooning you.

Just rebel enough.

Awkward is as awkward does.

A hundred pretty girls and a Yooper.

The solitary life of a wannabe entrepreneur.

The world is fleeting.

The world is too pretty for me.

I am the most interesting least interesting man on earth.

I appreciate your fake invitation, you're my best fake friend.

The NASDAQ is down, JWS is up.

This week will make or break me, what's your bet?