Jun 2013 

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Paki doesn't ask how much energy he has, energy asks how much Paki it has.

So many wilds.

In a world trying to get by.

Naps before noon are one of the seven natural pleasures of the world.

You didn't ask anything else so I took the reigns. This is my derby now.

Passive me becomes agressive you.

Momentum over.

Sometimes I look at your photos to cheer me up.

They've done nothing but put me behind the curve.

For the first time, due to the lake of comfort, I have doubt that it was all worth it.

How's that one song by Beck go?

My mind is fine, it's their hearts we need to worry about.

I dream of a world free of ear wax and snot.

Ice cream is always better with company.

Why are you crooked-facing it?

My left upper thigh muscle is twitching.

I need to reevaluate my personality.

You're not going to get a hit if you're sitting in the dugout.

Can't quite tell if I'm that good or that bad.

Roommates with benefits.

Get live or get gone.

Grandma's birthday, get out the flags!

As fiery as every year before.

Ninety years, three kids, eight grandkids, and fourteen great grandkids.

You look like your grandpa.

I might have to break man-code and eat Tylenol tonight.

A good cookie needs no milk.

Not sure where the motivation comes from, but I'm just going to go with it.

I'm becoming more convinced that the only way to move up in this world is to marry rich.


Girls and squirrels. Squirrels and girls. Squirrels and squirrels and girls and girls.

As a kid I always wanted to sit at the adult table, now I want to sit at the kids table.

Somehow, all the cuteness in all the world converged on this one girl.

If you fail and nobody sees, did you really fail?

If you're going to pick on someone, make sure they're way bigger than you.

Feeling like a big ol' sack of defeat.

No oars needed to row this sailor's boat, just the wind.

You do your business networking, I'll stick to being a dork.

In the news, gorillas and bears play together tonight.

Life hangover.

Some people piss others off by being mean. I piss others off by being nice.

Quit throwing your crutons out the window.

A hat trick of hat tricks.