May 2013 

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More from Bugsy

Less laps, more craps.

Eve of the unknowns.

Hurrah and goodnight.

Whispers of day and night.

Laughs, crafts, and and some terrible iced tea.

It's hard to tell if this is a "the end is the beginning is the end" moment or a "the beginning is the end is the beginning" moment.

Break it down, face on the ground, ground, ground.

The bar has been raised.

Time to drink summer melt.

So many kids with kids.

Cocky talk.

Baby, I'm your new cocaine.

How can something so rough be so smooth?

Maker mode.

O to the F to the C.

Hipsters hanging out.

I'm in 'n' out, like a burger.

Now with the power of thirty lumberjacks.

Relaxation is doing nothing and feeling content. Laziness is doing nothing and feeling guilty.

I'd rather go to sleep poor than feel guilty.

There can be nothing bad about something so wonderful.

We won't do some of the things, we will do all of the things.

It's not how good you want to be, it's how hard you try to be how good you want to be.

I'll cross as many off the list as I have to.

People be gettin' impatient with my patience.

Change the status quo before it changes you.

Too much cake is blasphemy.

It's a beautiful mourning.

I'm gonna paw you.

Whatever is the opposite of, slow your roll, that.

It's not that I'm lying, I'm just telling the truth in a way that makes it difficult to believe.

Everyone in the world got wild tonight.

Two-time Midwest cuddler of the year.

People always ask about big summer plans, I wish they asked about big winter plans too.

Kill no links.

The buy in, buy win.

Maybe some things don't happen for a reason.

Does it make sense to see her again.

I really dont like the phrase "good times", but that they were.


Far from where I should be.

I only pay with cache.

The more you do before noon, the more you'll do after noon.

The things that are right must often be discovered by doing that which is wrong.

I strike out all the time, but I'll never hit a homerun if I don't step back up to the plate.

Bugsy and the linguists.

That was yummy in the tummy.

This shark has been jumped.

Your logic doesn't subtract down.

We've been together for thirty years and I'm still amazed by it.

His brain is amazing. I think that's why his parents named him Brian.