Apr 2013 

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Well, I guess I'm into sharks now.

Sorry, there will be no finale, at the Bugsy Fireworks Show it just keeps getting better and better.

I laugh out of sadness.

You don't have to catch up, just hop on the next time roller coaster that stops by and I'll save a seat for you up front.

Cross that dream off the list.

You look really pretty in the right light, and by right light, I mean a silhouette.

As messy as I like it to be.

You win all the points today.

I am at the occasion and I am rising.

That's when we said you'll go.

I power played you.

As my dreams and ideas go, so does the universe.

Go back to him and I'll go back to life.

Almost lovers, always friends.

You never arrive, you just keep moving forward.

Petrafied forest loves me.

And he goes off into the darkness.

I had a taste of something really really great.

Some leaves last through the winter.

Uncertainty isn't easy, being a Yooper is. I got this cuz'.

It's more like a big present you're excited to open because you know it's going to be really good.

Now I'm a whole sailor.

See more by seeing less.

The black line leaps forward.

Instead, people should ask "How the heaven are you?"

You're like a dream I'll never catch.

As long as it was the best worst date you had, then I'm ok with it.

I less than three you.

Got that clean hustle.

I do have the ability.

Stretching out the accordion.

Suits be damned.

It doesn't matter where you are.

My crush radar needs a realignment.

Baby, I will always eat your croutons.

While it counts, you nor I, is a better me than me.

It takes two hills to build a mountain.

You're my stimulant.

We are men of spontaneity.

A happy customer is worth more than twenty dollars in my pocket.

All the things I lied about today.

Thuggy Delicious.