Mar 2013 

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There's a little bit of Tuesday leftover inside me.

All the right things in all the right places at all the right times.

Just sail.

For he's the most inclusive, the most curious and the most diverse.

You get sick of it, they get sick of it, so I just try to squash it inside of me.

There are few times in my life I recall my heart being in as good of a place as that night.

Where marketing meets development.

I don't wear grumpy pants very often, I can never find them in my size.

There are more crushes today than yesterday.

The dagger no longer breaks the skin.

My life is a country song.

Now that the rules have been broken, it's time to enjoy.

I found the gnar.

I got the adrenaline shakes.

You are my favorite favorite.

Tonight just got cosmic.

My capacity is growing.

Going to put this back in the secret box where nobody knows what I'm doing, but it still beats watching TV.

You've given me a fever.

I've never taken a photo on this day, probably eating too much pie.

Three words that were always easy to say.

I seek all things soothing.

No time for passive cuddling.

And then I'll be squashing it literally.

When the like-minded folks come out of the woods.

Your awesome-ism to stupid-ism ratio is pretty high.

The quality of conversation is often ranked on the fruit harvest.

Nice try, steamboat.

Always be ready to put the fork in the pasty.

The bee has the angers.

The cookie is getting smarter.

How many funs did you have?

Future cool dad seeks future cool mom.

The places to go and the ladies to know.

Be the awesome that you are.

Make me say daaaaaamn.

The friend zone is where I live, not love.

Now entering beast mode.

It's always good to start your morning with lots of exclamation points!

And I like you more than fifty percent of the time.

I don't pay attention to what my body needs, I pay attention to what my body wants.

The drive is a live, now, about those tacos.