Nov 2012 

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Yup, the clingy one.

Keep this going, going, going.

Dudded up with cologne and back to the itch.

Does the drive end?

I despise desiring that.

Full of silly dreams.

So many one one ones.

An extra hour of craving.

Tick tock, tick tock, tick tock.

I haven't been in this boat, I haven't sailed this sea.

I found the light at the end of the tunnel and it's a big open hay field.

I met her once.

I'm a little bit damaged, who's a sucker for that?

The dark days are here, don't worry, I'm talking literally.

When silver hearts turn to gold.

There's more than one round in a boxing match, sweetheart.

Tears on ice.

Well, this is certainly rare.

That wasn't a high five, it was me blocking you from my life.

Two strikes still leaves us with a chance to hit it out of the park.

I went to the movies...

It was the end of fall and we forgot to clean out the gutters.

Oh, the place I could be.

Playing Plinko.

The vision of us growing old together was effortless to imagine.

All the ways, all the things, on this day, oh boy it stings.

Whoa my God.

To the moon, but my return trip is solo.

She looked me in the eyes and said good job.

Ready like Andretti.

A wheel barrel don't roll without a third wheel.

I dont' want to drop something hot and walk away.

Here comes the eraser.

Way more than my brother

And that's the difference maker.

I may never leave my bedroom again.

Crushed walnuts. Crushed pecans. Crushed cashews. Crushed it all.

Blow it up, sew it up.

It's almost unimaginable.

Yesterday's peaks are today's valleys.

Not everyone gets the same Bugsy experience.

Please excuse my ambition for the lack of tidiness.

I am quiet people.

The sweetest awaits.

Well, this is certainly different, I shall call her...

If I didn't have drive before, I certainly do now.

Driving is back to what it used to be, yet better.

Grandpa, you are beautiful!

Your freckles are the stars.

Slightly epic.

The house is waking.

Home sour home.

Thought she was firebug, really I think she still is.

To have these molasses cookies feels like a sin.

Major upgrades, except that the biggest most exciting one...

Want some cheese ball? I only share with girls who say nice things to me.

Living life at 12mm.

With and without checks and balances.

To make human.

That was... revitalizing.

Loved by many, liked by few.

There is magic beneath your feet.

More than most, and that's more than I can ask.

I have been both everywhere and nowhere, all at the same time.

Hard, that is how you use it, that is always the way to use it.

Three wide.

She was a rare find.

Let's crash some beers.

I found the jets, but Bennie is nowhere to be seen.

It was possibly the best worst day of my life.