Oct 2012 

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It's just Justin.

Up and to the right.

I need to improve my techniques.

Too mellow, too relaxed, too laid back, I've been told all this before.

I would give up my sense of smell and taste if it meant doubling my sense of touch.

Momentum is building.

Plaid, check.

It's been a very plaid day.

Every goal has one day become the standard.

It says it on my gift certificate.

I'm comfortable being the stranger, but I certainly don't thrive.

On to the next one.

The biggest number two I've ever drawn.

Metric Mondays.

Can't wait to see my squirrelfriend.

I have an appetite.

Pretty when she sleeps.

Two tickets to Paradise, baby.

If you're warm out the door, you're gonna get hot.

I'm gonna peanut butter you up so good.

Whenever I take my pocket out of my phone.

My favorite season is always the next one, not to say I don't like the current one, I just love the changing of seasons.

The more you achieve today, the more you'll achieve tomorrow.

Let your imaginations run wild, pick a couple ideas to ship out, and start throwing those rocks. Thanks, and stay awesome.

Stay awesome, stay you.

Nothing is betting than cats and explosions.

Someone's gotta be Switzerland.

I don't like things on me.

You would have liked me in 1999.

Started my morning with a couple tasks and some good backend work.

Turning dirty.

The Monday melans.

Even when I dont seem to want that, I do.

Wrong as rain.

Only half what I need to be.

Yeah I could, I've got a freight elevator in here, I fill it up at the top floor, send it to the bottom, then send it right back up for more.

Looking for an October surprise.

It's full of ambition.

The only time of year I can have a beer with Bill Lumburgh.

Is null.

I used to not, but now I do.

Tonight, I kicked my will power's butt to the curb.

The hardest adjustinment.

You just gotta clean your house real good and you won't get mad.

Stuntmen make take the biggest risks, but they are also the best planners.

Halloween on ice is reminiscent of The Hill.