Sep 2012 

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Less cheese, more cruton.

That chocolate just kicked that garlic's ass.

So much R. So much F. So much P.

Some say it's easier the second time around, some say it's harder the second time around.

More like a Sour Patch Man.

There are a whole lot of ways to blow something up.

Lines do not get angry, neither do swords, it is only the people that carry the swords that get angry.

The wowsers are back.

Without the where, you're nowhere.

The biggest, the baddest ... the king!

Let the light seep in.

I've shipped out before, but never like this.

Get all the rest toucan.

As you can see, there's a correlation between my happiness and the amount of fruit I eat.

Enjoy each other.

Half way to paradise.

Crazy, smart, love.

Spending more time on the balance beam.

I'll break this city.

I RFP'd the heck out of that weekend.

Here it is, this one is the real deal.

My freakout tolerance is rising.

I want to give you the shakes.

I know you like wine, but...

There's a lot of rust in these lights.

So many homo sapiens.

Not enough fruit to go around.

The prize is in the sky, literally.

Making good of the places that were bad.


There are different people at different times.

There's a fine line between roasting a marshmallow and burning it.

As long as I'm not left craving affection.

I love Plinko, but I'm not going to drop the little disc down the board.

Top five, for sure.

Feeling and acting of a certain age.

When we're at our best.

The best meal of the day usually isn't about the food.

A lot of R, a lot of F, but not a lot of P ... wait, we started and ended this weekend with pee.