Aug 2012 

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One thing I won't be quantifying is expectations.

Strange intentions.

If anyone's got it, you do.

If you're the left coast, they're the right coast, and if they're the right coast, you're the wrong coast.

This is probably what Michael Jordan felt like coming out of retirement.

Ten pounds forward, three pounds back.

Fool enough to not quite see it.

The love is strong with this one.

So many bad ideas, but that's what makes them good ideas.

Coming full circle and excited to do it all over again, but better.

The difference you make in the world is a silent one, and that's ok.

To look in the stands and see you.

I've got more to give than I thought I could.

Let's keep talking until there is nothing left to say, then enjoy the silence until there is.

All I feel is that I'm supposed to love you.

Then again, it already is.

Because love is more exciting.

We pretty much have sex when we hug.

It's moving season, be nervous.

Take me wherever I am today, not where I was yesterday and not where I'm going to be tomorrow.

Flex off.

Spending the middle of the night lying in an open field watching meteors is nothing short of magical.

Some bonds will never break.

Oh Delilah, the things you do to me.

Fond memories live here.

From a Huffy to a Ducati.

Give me bokeh or give me death.

Lovely nights with one on one fights.

Got a big piece of my soul back.

To date, she's the best I've had.

This is my ode to you.

There's just something about you.

Weirded out that I'm not weirded out.

Dating a ginger is like dating superwoman.

A beautiful ordinary day.

Not even sure what happened on this day.

A front flip, are you serious? Yes, let's do it.

My body just experienced something it has never experienced.

Jumping out of a plane is perhaps the best way to clear your brain.

A pivotal moment, of magnitude.

Tonight, the world revolved around us.

If anyone we know has walked a mile down these railroad tracks, I would be very surprised.

When I said August was a month of dreams coming true, I knew little of what was to come.

Tracks n' maps.

I find myself more excited for the future than I did the other day.

Cuteness unleashed.

Enjoying this too much to eat any fruit.

Improve here.

Wake up, because everything you feel is real.