Jul 2012 

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All worry and all technology aside.

Confidence and experience have a nice relationship together.

Time on the water, enjoying the hot sun, reading, grilling, and napping, these are the makings of proper weekend.

Always calculated.

I super super love it.

I want this to be dynamic.

I'm stuck, and I even have it in four-wheel drive.

My daily quota of flirting and banter is not being fulfilled.

If this isn't it, then I've never seen it.

So this is what happened to America.

This, fifty times a year.

Eating like a king, a Yooper king.

Just come right back over here, and please, take your time.

I found Heaven, and it's along the Lake Superior shoreline.

Turns out that all I had to do was be the honey badger.

This was perhaps the best game of hockey I've played during my tenure in Lansing.

From the bottom up.

Oh great, I'm nothing but a fruit fly.

That girl and her cuteness, it makes me weak.

For five months this feeling was gone.

So that's why I'm bored.

All I need to do is merge the best of then with the best of now.

Rest is good. So is living hard. And I know you do both.


No ketchup please, not on my hot dog, not on my hamburger, and certainly not on my pasty.

I don't care how many raspberry seeds get stuck in my teeth, it is still the most badass fruit.

All summered out.

If only I had been listening closer to Maya Angelou a few months ago.

My little heart.

Happy, happy, and happier.

I don't want to move too fast, but are we ready to do it mobile style?

One of the hardest things is wanting a person to be in your life in a way that can't be, and even more so when you believe it can be.

The weight is getting heavier.

I found the bee's knees of this high sea, but it's time to sail another.

Emo ego.

Let's have some talkos.

It's been a wild ride so far, let's hope the waves keep rolling.

Because you out-boss me five to one, and that's a conservative estimate.

Three shades of gray.

We live on hope.

Tonight would be the night, tonight is the night, it's just... she's not here nor there.

There was a time.

Even love has its days of discouragement.

So concerned about punishing, with little regarding to helping.

I hope you have lots of awesome things on this day, including but not limited to...

She's my little fire thug.

Something about this day hasn't been right from the beginning.

Why is it that the only hunches that come true are the ones I don't want to?

Kissing asphalt.

Just give me a chance.

Baby, I'm bleeding.

America won't work if we can't simply live among people we disagree with.

Love all around.

It's all interconnected.

A man's accomplishments will never outweigh how he makes people feel.

Not sure if that's a big storm brewing or a great batch of beer.

The new wife theory.