Dec 2012 

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All the room in the world.

The sum of all the things is hardly a fraction of what's not there.

My heart has always been tender, it's not always easy and it's not always what people want, but I'd have it no other way.

It's getting gross in here.

It's hustlin' season.

Give me some of that hip hop interlaced with jazz.

I need to do exactly what I did the last time I had a needle in my arm.

In 2012, my heart saw both the highest and lowest it has seen in many many years, and that's worth something.

I made the honor roll.

The best way to improve your profit margin is good old fashioned hustle.

Driving slow.

Stare down the needle.

We had a promise made.

I have a cause, and I'm gettin' down with it.

Playing peacemaker in my own war.

Not today, and probably not tomorrow, but maybe sometime soon.

When it pops, you don't need anything else.

Bigger than me.

The red bird flies west.

She be gettin' that steez.

Can't do it all, but it doesn't stop me from trying.

Fashionably late is about as fashionable ad I get.

Being on the road is my best medicine.

The difference between zero and zero is still zero.

Kid, you done alright.

Everybody's talking, and then nobody sees me.

My ratio is off.

I think big things and let the small things happen in between.

Heading for the land of the red curbs.

And she was such a good lil' road tripper.

Living the awkward life since day one from the womb.

Old ways, new plays.

One epiphany has already happened, the other is coming.

My car looks like it just finished a winter road rally, then again, I suppose parts of it were.

When you've already had the juiciest and tastiest peach on the tree, the rest are rather discouraging, all you want is one just as juicy, even one that's almost as juicy, yet the others aren't even close.

Come on over, I'll make you some tea.

Only cool on paper.

Because it's back to monotony.

If you thought I was sentimental then, you should see me now.

Is it healthy and is it unhealthy, is not always a correlation.

Courage days.

The rest of the world has put me on mute.

Pick the small ones.

No sleep 'til sunrise.

That's why I'm in last place.

My compass points northward and westward.

The pursuit is not an easy one, an but entirely admirable one.