Feb 2012 

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I'm even more Februhairy than last year.

When you're in it, you're in it.

Gold star Friday.

Window shopping is something I love to do, but I do it about once every six months and get it all out of my system in about forty minutes.

A perfect RPF weekend.

Like my old self.

That'll mellow things down.

The fun killer.

Scoring game-winning goals is fun.

It's nothing but fun from here on out.

The cover up.

It's a good day to be generous.

Turns out it was a well kept secret.

Gotta hand it to her.

Essentially, that's a one-hundred present turnover.

A whole lotta F but missing the R and P.

You'd think it would come from something other than the ceiling fan.

Snowboarding is providing the closest thing to a spiritual experience that I've had in a long time.

Spending Valentine's day with one of my great loves.

Gravity always wins.

Making moves or making moves?

Holy great fortune.

At the very least I hope to hold on to the skill I once had.

If I can do this in five days, what could I do in ten? Twenty? Thirty?

Applying the snowboarder mentality to the rest of my world.

All ways, always.

The world feels like a quiet place tonight.

Found a needle in the haystack, too bad there's about a thousand more needles.

Now that's hockey. A game-winning goal in a shutout and a hip check worthy of any career highlight reel always makes for a great day.

This leap may be the biggest.

Capping an incredible day like this with some heavy-heavy snowfall is the cherry on top.

Live big.

Dominate the situation.

Feeling young and incredibly dangerous, I may set the world on fire soon.

The more street cred you earn, the fewer social norms you have to adhere to.

Two weeks gone, but keep moving forward and I'll earn it all back.

Up and to the right, I'm obsessed.

Is that an invitation or a flirtation?

A man jumps in the cage of a lion. We shoot the lion and save the man. We're doing it wrong, I've been preaching this for years that we're breeding stupidity.

Out with composure.

Today jumps the shark.