Jan 2012 

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More family means more awesome.

Super ease.

Feeling inspired sure interferes with a consistent sleeping schedule.

I'll mash your eggs and scramble your potatoes.

Things are better when quantified.

It's disgusting to some people, but my idea of a good time is a quality work session together at a coffee shop.

Ok with this.

Has anyone ever been killed by a Zamboni? If I went out that way, I think I'd be ok with it.

Lazy and mean is a terrible combination.

Be the honey badger.

So apparently it's called corn rows and not corn rolls.

I wish I could eat nothing but cookies for every meal.

Too much food to focus.

Two games, two shootouts, two wins.

Turns out my radar is pretty good.


Let's hope more clean means more production.

It's amazing what you can do with a broken skateboard and a box cutter.

You know it's a good gig when the biggest of your stresses and concerns lately is your pinewood derby car.

Getting smarter and more dangerous, and the day I stop getting smarter and more dangerous is the day I can die.

Adventure is relative.

Just lost my pinewood derby virginity.

Too much dreaming and teasing of luxury, but maybe one day I'll do more than dream it.

The winners circle.

Joe Pa, you were the real deal. Peace.

Most people hang up a postcard with the photo showing, but I prefer the stamp and text side to be showing.

And that's why a rare appearance...

Caching in.

Making candy.

Put me on the maker's schedule.

...But I like alotta honey on my english muffin.

Happy thirstday.

Today's Bugsy is a lot smarter than yesterday's Bugsy, and that's always a good thing.

We have enough rules in the world, so I don't get why society insists on making more.

I'm either in or I'm out.

I've got ketchup, he's got mustard.

More logic, more champion.