Dec 2011 

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Others have you said before before me and many will say it again, and that is if you say you can't, you won't.

I'm slow to warm up, but once I'm hot I can heat an empty warehouse for weeks.

Tickled by the feather of success, or should I say tickled by a rose.

The perfect three day combination of productivity, fun, relaxation and laziness, it wasn't event he stressful kind of laziness.

Seriously, are you really this pretty?

The momentum just swung in this arm wrestling match.

An all new infatuation at an all familiar place.

Getting higher.

The penalty box, my home away from home.

We should all eat delicious pie and share epic high fives.

Yay life.

Just another day of the perfect concoction of fun, productivity, and relaxation.

With a couple perfect days, why can't today just be lazy? Oh wait, it can.

Everything is amazing right now, everything.

This lady.

Yeah, I've never been to North Carolina either. Oh wait, I have!

The perfect blend of concept and ability.

I've always wanted to spend Christmas in Central Park, so I'm going to.

One pixel.

Everything is so amazing. Your face, work, this coffee, December, my butt... everrrryyything.

Change is inevitable, but I suggest grabbing it by the horns rather than waiting for it to come to you.

Now with caching.

Have you ever given a high five and not had fun? Didn't think so.

Please excuse my enthusiasm.

Go get them, really, just go and get them.

Hard work pays off, but smart work pays off more.

I'm offended by anyone who leaves a hockey game early.

I don't know much about good ideas, but that sounds like a good one to me.

Took me a while to find that rock, but I just did, and I threw it even further this time.

When did life get this good?

This is it.

Shhh, this secret is between me and NYC.

Smelly sailors or smelly Sailors?

The meat continues, but with plenty of new insight.

For once I have a little extra to justify going a little over the top.

An unforgettable Christmas Eve, let's tally 'em up. There were natives from South Korea, Pakistan, Nigeria, Sri Lanka, China, and Puerto Rico, oh and Michigan too.

For as long as I can remember I have wanted to spend Christmas in Central Park. So I did.

The only plank I'll ever need to do.

It is times like this that makes me think fate is a very real thing.

The best kiss on the cheek ... ever?

It only took four and half years to meet. Someone as I saw as an idol came back down to earth and someone I had a crush on elevated. And with limited conversation in that time there was a mutual respect that had always been there. As giddy as can be. And truly thankful to a few ladies who took the time to keep in touch, encourage me, and inspire me.

A true vacation.

This guy is the reason I ever came here in the first place.

I came with a few nerves and left with a lot of confidence, but mostly feeling a feeling I haven't felt in a long time, the freedom of the open road and just... going.

Awesome family time, why doesn't this happen more?

Run around, run around, and down.

I ripped an elbow in this one too.

Wrap it up.

Somehow new clothes help me relive my youth.