Nov 2011 

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A man of shirts.

He's just a default guy.

Take me the way I am and I'm yours.

The crushing shall commence shortly.

I should just call my hockey equipment lady repellent.

If the future of America is in this room, then I'm concerned.

A Marine literally dragging a passed out girl an entire block and refusing a taxi, a ride, or other kind gestures, with onlookers all around it was certainly a sight, a sad one.

I found Debbie, and she's little, also, she has zebra stripes.

Too many genuine and kind feelings, and being alone they seem to go wasted.

I'm not there yet.

To great surprise my ice cream cravings have really fallen off in 2011.

Nothing but sad, sad, sad.

Even the greatest of legends will sometimes fall.

We've all seen it many times, honesty is rarely enough.

We could all do a better job assessing our own moral integrity, which is far more advantageous than criticizing the moral integrity of others.

Sometimes a win can feel like a loss.

And sometimes on a day that's already 10 out of 10, you hit 11.

I'm confident that I can finally say that I create.

Not even sure what just happened, but I know it was pretty awesome.

If the company is better than this bruschetta that's pretty good, and of course by pretty good I mean very good.

Life before business.

Now it's legit.

That was a well-lived weekend.

So much loveliness that the things I usually care about seem rather tiny in importance.

Epic hockey time is about to be had.

My house is on fire.

Just hoping I did the right thing.

Some of these decisions, some of these mistakes, at this point keeping my fingers crossed.

These feelings I have, I think they are new ones I have never had before, which is always a fascinating thing.

Beat the average.

Time to practice my winter camping skills.

One is a source, one broke apart, and one is on the streets.

Also a mini freakout and just enough distraction to go peacefully unnoticed.

Winter camping is not as fun without a campfire.

It is fun to have emo days.

Earning my backbone.

Throwing rocks.

Look down your driveway.

Nothing like the pitch black sky of the Seney Stretch.


See it through.

The gift of gifts has four legs.

Heart, growing.

Relaxing, enjoyable, productive, yeah I'm just going to stay here.

Milestones, or I guess you could say milerocks.

This is not the plan, though there never was one.

Forever fascinated with the deterioration of objects.

Of the many values my mother taught me, one of the greatest is the love of inclement weather, especially in the winter.

Sir Thug-A-Lot.

Trying to fit 21 pegs into 20 holes.