Oct 2011 

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Twenty massive leaps forward in one short week.

Did you know I'm a gangster of love?

Give it a kiss of light.

I'm in love with Louise Parker.

Plaid and rad, 24/7.

When a human being can be creative...

Time to plaid out.

I certainly never intended to make sense.

Stock is once again on the rise.

This is how I've always met people.

The day after Friday and before Saturday.

Getting there.

I'm here to make progress not process.

The even natural number following nine and preceding eleven.

Ready for a month off, but need to go harder than last, which was really hard.

He is my number one guy.

The lifestyle I want, the lifestyle I have, and the lifestyle I'm moving towards.

Learning to fight the status quo.

Hockey. It is fun.

Trying to find me Georgia.

Working like the beast that I am.

Tomorrow is going to be banging-er-er.

Passing the sleep test again and again.

Paul Bunyan has found a lovely permanent residence in East Lansing.


Go. Do.

That's it, that's all.

When you're liked, quality work matters less. When you're work is quality, being liked matters less. When you're both...

I just ate a big bowl of stress, and boy am I stuffed.

I can go to whatever level I want whenever I want, because when I play Mario I use all the cheat codes.

Quit worrying about the micro and start worrying about the macro.

Let the ten year reunion begin.

Oh. My. Spartan.

And it continues ... with surprises.

Crime sucks.

I certainly have a lot of blessings to count this weekend and better get started right away if I plan to finish counting them all before bed.

Elevate, always.

It's me against myself.

Until you find rhythm it's just noise.

It's great how many things happen during the course of a hockey game, a plethora of anecdotes after each game in the locker room.

Life's a whirlwind.

Touch and gold, touch and gold, touch and gold.

Ponytails and hats, haven't figured that one out yet.

Strange, I always seem to find these new bruises every Thursday. Oh that's right, I play hockey on Wednesdays.

A piece of me is certainly on the other side of the fence.

That's just naughty hot.

I've always loved big gaps, and she filled a lot of them.

It's like I was given a brand new BMW for a few months and then had it taken away, which is when I realize what a piece of junk my car really is.

It's hard to order a full pie when you're not sure what flavor you like to begin with, so it's best to start with a slice to make sure you like it before you order the whole thing.

With the elbow.