Sep 2011 

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Working hard, learning harder.

The giant black cloud went away, life is beautiful again.

The more you sell the more you sell.

Australia, Japan, and Belgium.

Dusk is just about the right time to start a Saturday.

I have forgotten how much wonder there is in a brand new place, now that feeling is freshly rediscovered and it could be dangerous since I don't like staying put, visions of massive road trips are dancing in my head.

Lapping myself.

I wish it was chocolate cake o'clock.

Snowboarding, it is fun. But sometimes, it hurts.

Mmmm pomegranate blood.

It's almost like I live in a garage.

I'm beginning to lose faith that you're a human.

Ten years later, are we any less ethnocentric or possibly more?

Five hours of work in three hours.

A yellow folder on my desk, could it really be?

Happiness is plaid.

Your're nuts ... thankfully.

Catch and release is acceptable, let them back into the wild.

Every relationship is a relationship.

What came first the cougar ot the tots?

Live to see another day.

Chicken and conquer.

Nailed it and failed it, so in the end it was just mediocre.

I love 'gonia day.

You per Steve's.

Yip, yep and yup.

Not that this is the worst karma ever, but it is certainly the most obvious.

That's an ugly apetail.

I've never regretted forgiving someone.

Here's to the hope that the breeze never stops.

How little compassion we can have no matter how many voices strong.

I am not the walrus.

Warehouse sweet warehouse.

Brushing the inside of my face.

I am in dire need of strawberry cupcakes.

One dollar.


I did it my way.

There's a big line between successful and profitable.

Would you have a beer with you?

Busy work is super refreshing right now.

This is either a solar eclipse or the apocalypse.

I'm triple H.

Twice in one week, this really is like Christmas.

Getting my swagger back.