Aug 2011 

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Poke check.

Today my grandma said my dad has a dense head and that I should pick up as many girls as I can, also rumors are going around rehab that my grandma broke her hip while salsa dancing in red high heels and fishnets at age 88.

Will power of steel.

I didn't see lions, just sea lions.

If a star can grow old, implode and become a white dwarf star, why can't a brain become a white dwarf brain? That's what I would like.

Accomplish this, faster.

I wish your brain had an API.

Never assume that someone is asleep.

Old things gotta go to make room for the new.


A tale of two seasons.

The sextuple right merge.

True friends will leapfrog across a busy avenue with you.

You can't win them all, in fact sometimes you can't win any.

Shipping out, not selling out.

Bust your ass and let destiny take over.

No matter what, you need to put in the time.

Skateboarding hurts, now get up and try it again.

There's no extra credit in Bugsy's classroom.

My life got better the day I became more decisive.

Some people think I'm a slow processor, I like to think I'm a thorough processor.

Productivity sells product.

Now serving more capabilities than ever before.

The theory holds true, have it, get it, and then do work son.

There's no better gift a man can get himself than plaid.

Must be drinking the gullible juice today.

Now get on the bus and ride it all the way to Motown.

I have very sensitive nipples, they are an extension of my heart.

I wish Americans would say "Cheerio!" as much as Brits do, just for the sake of saying "Froot Loop!" in return.

I'm not sure when I dream more, when I'm asleep or when I'm awake.

Work it out, work it out.

A 15 minute beverage for a 4 hour work session.

See the gallery through the beards.

Soup does a sickly body good.

Go mode.

Less planning and more doing.

I just redefined what it means to hit a wall, and my face hurts a lot.

Off my mark.

Embrace it, that's all I want someone to do.

Dang it, I forgot to sleep.

Live hard, sleep well, enjoy.

The Plaid Man.

At the end of the day, he's doing it and I'm not.

You make awesome pies, don't worry about cupcakes or brownies, just make pie.