Jul 2011 

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Cross the bridge and I can already feel the slower pace of life.

In Baraga you can still smoke in bars. A town forever behind the times or just too rebellious to care?

A sailor without a map, exploring the seas of life.

One small step for Josie, one giant leap towards being an awesome uncle.

Feet up, lemonade in hand.

You'll be hard pressed to find a creeper as cool and likable as me.

I believe in the idea of shipping out and try very hard to do so.

When shopping at Meijer I only get the top-shelf hunnies.

I know you looked at her face, but did you see it? Think of it this way, just because you looked at a stereogram doesn't mean you saw it.

Not every decision is a good one.

Beginning the expert phase of my life.

A rough Monday makes for a smooth Tuesday.

Can a revamp help restuff the cushions?

Today's productivity will be difficult to compete with tomorrow.

Why is Marla Singer hanging out at my apartment?

Finding a hint of perfect in just about everyone.

The more you leave behind, the more relaxing it'll be.

Making moves, big moves, a possible checkmate could be near.

Meet me on the ice and you're not going to like me. Meet me off the ice and there's a good chance you will.

Working hard and relaxing harder.

Or, best of all maybe it's just part of being you.

If you have to win through argument, you've already lost.

I don't kill time, time kills me.

Now available in a lighter and fluffier size.

Shots fired, don't ever mess with my town.

Gut feelings have taken over, knowing this could be a bad situation to get myself into.

It's one of the seven interpersonal wonders of the world.

Desks are the most acceptable of places to be messy, clustered, and unorganized.

Have always wanted a team with a common goal starting on a fresh new project and I might just have that now, or pretty close to it.

If yesterday wasn't productive I can guarantee that today will be, tomorrow is another story however.

Two scoops, two times.

Well ... I've certainly never done that before, but I'm certain that was pretty incredible. Also, if someone can get me to open up that much where it was my idea, well the doors are open, just imagine what they could do.

At least one project too thin right now.

I'm confident that I'm shy.

If I was your research project what would your focus be?

Can't avoid the inner circle, maybe I should just get over that.

Him, him and Kim.