Jun 2011 

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So much enthusiasm and so little delivery, time to move on to the next.

So maybe I have a little domain name addiction, but I see it as more of a collection.

Just looking for someone to be there, a little conversation and a little listening.

Today, I am going to break the rules.

Sometimes, especially in this, the intention is worth more than the execution.

Hot! ... and I'm not talking about the weather.

These feet were made for skating.

Mind tricks I tell ya, mind tricks.

Casual hustle.

You can't buy 574s, someone has to give them to you.

All this new knowledge would be worthless without applying it, so that's what I'm going to do.

Writing my future.

Perfect productivity.

The C bill breakfast.

When you speak in absolutes it dilutes everything you say.

Being a man of your word is one of the best things you can do for your integrity and character.

Less chat, less fruit.

Hustle and flow, hustle and flow.

Don't complain about people, whenever you meet someone and all you've heard is someone complain about them and then you realize they're not nearly as bad as the person made them out to be, it only makes the person complaining look like the bad person.


Oh, that's interesting.

Whoa my.

It's much harder having nobody to love than vice versa.

I have no analogies for the hopeless feeling of not being able to do more to help a friend.

Ummmm ... go get something!

A girl has admitted her jealousy of my ponytail, I have now achieved a new level of success in life.

If you just got your eyebrow gashed open and got stitches and are looking back on the night thinking it was really fun, odds are that's a really good friend and a pretty fun person.

My heart skipped a beat when my eyes met hers.

I'm not very good at being fun and could take some lessons in not being all business all the time.


When you die, people don't remember you for your physique or how well you dressed.

I'd rather be Jake Burton than Shaun White.

In the go zone.

I grew this, now I gotta grow that.

Actually I'm seeing lots of girls, seeing 'em all walk right by.


The Bugsy Castle is now the Bugsy Warehouse.