May 2011 

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This Sailor sails without a map.

The burn, the burn, the burn.

The tunnel is now more light than tunnel.

The baller of us all.

Donuts trump bananas.

I don't always drink Chocolate Milk, but when I do I prefer Jilbert's Dairy. Stay thirsty my friends.

Excitement in the form of peaks and valleys will always be around in life, but changing the trajectory of life is difficult to achieve.

So many beautiful girls in the world, can't I just have one?

Friday night is when I'm most emo, while Saturday and Sunday morning is when I'm least emo.

Emo champion.

Nearly eight years of beings single, the first four were awesome, the last four have sucked.

Your whole body is a beauty mark on the world.

Technology is improving, soon we'll be able to drink plaid.

I think about Audi A3s all the time, but I only drool when I see them in the real.

I bleed plaid, literally.

It doesn't help when she's all gingery.

I just got an incy wincy bit smarter and it feels good.

Sometimes the best way to support yourself is to support someone else.

Girls don't pay when eating with Bugsy ... especially if they're the one who asked me out.

Love wanes and waxes.

My mating call is very potent, it works on both sexes and must not be used in front of multiple people.

For the first time in nearly five years I was able to share a story I've been telling for years with one of the people who experienced it with me.

Let's finish this road trip with some mudding.

I fear stagnancy.

At the end of each day my thoughts lead me to the same three solutions.

Reaching the threshold.

I'm glad the world is small.

It's always those darn temporal causality loops.

Future home owner.

Mom, if I could go back and be a kid all over again I would be a more appreciative eater and not nearly as picky.

Too much adult stuff going on lately.

We should be in a relationship tonight.

Do something I wouldn't do.

Gotta gotta get high to get low.

Life is fickle.

Take a ginger to dinner, round one.

The higher you climb the farther you fall.

Attack mode.

I don't think about Thursday until it's Wednesday.

Weaning ain't is.