Apr 2011 

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I've decided I'm going to crush on you.

Be cautious ladies, I feel like falling in love today.

Life is tedious.


Six plaid shirts and six holes in the left elbow, is plaid a curse?

Taco Wadaga.

Sometimes I feel the only reason I work so hard on my projects is to help forget how single I've been for almost eight years, and even then it doesn't work that great. Have been spending a lot more time thinking how I don't want to spend my life alone as I have been.

Going East of Harrison is nothing but a tease.

If you don't like how I drive, pass me ... if you can.

Why do I feel that I'm on the spring cleaning list for so many girls?

Yeah for summery.


I create my own odds.

The idea of looking the same for the rest of my life freaks me out.

Crazy is the only way to live.

Have camera, will shoot.

No fear boner.

On the fritz with the glitz.

First place doesn't matter, do what you do, skate until 3 a.m.

C'mon people, commit.

Is Biz Markie big in Bismarck?

I dont mind doing the same thing every day, but I hate doing the same thing the same way every day.

Note to the NBA. I'd like to see you guys take 23 stitches and return later the same game. The NHL would thug you.

Unfortunately there is no bacon in the penalty box, if there was players would be intentionally getting penalties all the time.

No girls for me, I'll worry about that in the afterlife.

I believe in the idea of shipping out, and try very hard to do so.

That was clutch.

Championship game overtime winning goal, it's not the Stanley Cup, but it's a pretty good feeling.

Enjoy school while you can, you won't get another chance to the rest of your life.

Lonelier and lonelier.

Introducing a new, smarter Bugsy.

I appreciate appreciation.

Wabi Sabi.

No year is ever same the from one to the next.

Time is fickle.

Girl, I don't lie, I win.

Turning crushes into a reality.

As for the prize, that depends on the day.

TLC is welcomed and encouraged at the Bugsy Castle.

How does this even happen to me.

Oh, well I didn't know he was cool.

I'm everywhere and nowhere all at once.