Mar 2011 

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I date so hard that I meet moms on the first date. 

I'm not doing it right now, I'm doing it right yesterday.

I'm only as cool as the moon, no cooler, no warmer.

I've got some love to spend, who's going to claim it?

Flexing my mustache.

I sweat when I take photos.

Forget the friend zone, I'm going for the everything zone.

Some clothes need to stay in the washer longer than other clothes.

Extremely talented and wonderfully stubborn.

My mustache kicks all the ladies out of the yard.

Backwards night.

Life lasts only a year, and then it changes on you and starts again.

Go me. Go you. Go us?

There are epic nights, and there's tonight.

Moral of the story, don't accept rides from strangers while drunk at 2 a.m. outside a strip club.


The feeling of pointing my snowboard straight down a mountain with no turns and launching myself off a small natural lip down a much steeper incline and landing at about sixty miles per hour is exhilarating to say the least. I wish I could capture it in a bottle to pour of my Lucky Charms in the morning or share a bottle with a friend.

First time seeing an officer pull a gun on someone.

Gonna bust it.

They aren't chasing me man, well I guess it's possible that I'm just so freakin' fast that they haven't caught up to me yet.

What a big difference a year can make.

Making the most out of life isn't just about doing all these things and going full speed, it has a lot to do with finding insight in every situation.

Must rest, lots of hockey is coming.

This ain't high school anymore.

Hockey con.

Time for a work-cation.

Rage. Ing.

Plaid porn.

Traditions are meant to be broken.

That might be the most shots I've had in a game without scoring.

Disappointed Charlie.

I can handle being lonely, but I can't handle not shipping out.

Life got a whole lot better when I became a less picky eater.

Nap of champions.

In the words of my grandfather, enough of this idle chit-chat.

I wish I learned hard flips back in the day.

It's now hour baby, let's go nowboarding.

I know it's spring when all I want to do is go skateboarding.

Learning like a boss.

Plaidurday is coming.

The plaidibilities are endless.

It's my brain on paper.

More erotic hugs please.

I would kiss every one of her freckles one by one.