Feb 2011 

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Flannel is the way to a Yooper's heart.

However, heavy hearts are no way to start it.

My favorite month has arrived, hoping to use it as a catalyst for the rest of the year.

There is a direct correlation between my happiness and the amount of fresh snow on the ground.


Lonelier days lie ahead.

You have a trunk, I'm sorry about that.

I left the iron on the wall for too long.

I've always had a soft heart and I doubt it will ever change, not sure I would want it to, but skinny love isn't always easy.

As single as George Washington.

You know people you don't even know.

Wanted to, shouldn't have, didn't.

She is high definition.

Lone wolf in the woods.

Good taste is in your blood, I've seen the plaid you wear.

Seeking HD girls.

Think. It. Through.

Hug your friends longer tomorrow.

I only like stripes if they go both ways.

If it ain't 90, it ain't plaid.


My beard keeps up to six women warm at a time.

You always find little ways to make me crush on you harder.

More than twice.

Thuggin' ain't cheap.


If I've had standard definition my whole life, I think it's time to hold out for high definition, even if that means going without a television for a little while longer.

I know for a fact you're not perfect because you don't like pancakes.

Would rather be flirting.

Hey baby, I have a front row seat for you reserved at my hockey game tonight, as for your boyfriend, he's got a front row seat to my fist.

Somebody ate their Teddy Grahams this morning.

Once you go yellow you never go mellow.

If I could sell my heart it'd be worth more than his silver and gold.

Drinking juice, because I don't have chocolate milk.

I love and adore a big enough variety of things that I can't be doing a single one of them all the time.

A big cold bucket of adulthood was dumped over me.


You went where my mind is, that one's on you.

The most depressing thought I've had today is that my heart hasn't seen sunshine in years, but the thought only lasted a second.

Psssst, I still lover her.

A bomb just got dropped on my hands and feet.

On another losing streak.

I can't be lonely if I'm asleep.

Just had a preview of next generation HD.

No frownies, just brownies!

I'm a standard definition guy living in an HD world.

Looking the same day after day would make my cry at night.

Where did I learn to learn?

Dear February, I wish we had more time together, 28 days just isn't enough. I'll see you in 11 months. Love, Bugsy.